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Speaker Enock Okero addressing the players and fans after the final match between Embaru FC and Legends FC at Rigoma Green Stadium. Photo/Arnold Ageta


By Arnold Ageta

The County Assembly of Nyamira Speaker, Enock Okero, has emphasized grassroots talent identification and nurturing to create diverse sporting activities among the youth.

Speaking during the Okero Tournament finals at Rigoma Green Stadium on Sunday, he committed to continuing to support football clubs whenever they need help.

“This tournament will be held in all the 20 wards of Nyamira County, which will bring together all the winners to the constituency leagues before they battle for the county championship,” he promised.

The tournament, sponsored by the speaker himself, seeks to attract and tap football talent in the county and expose them to potential national football league teams.

“We want to sit as leaders, plan well so that we can achieve great things for our people. We want to invest in this young generation,” he added.

The speaker, who also plays for Nyamira County Assembly team, thanked the teams for sacrificing and committing their time for the last month to make the tournament a success.

“We came here as a team so that we can assess what the needs of the people are,” he told the football fans. “I have been here before and the concerns you raised are going to be met as the Assembly and Executive partner to achieve them.”

Speaker Enock Okero shaking hands with players before playing the final match. Photo/Arnold Ageta

He promised to donate boots and socks to the participating teams as they prepare for the constituency leagues and county championships.

“The winners of the county title will be supported by the county government of Nyamira to enroll in the FKF league so Nyamira can have a team in the national league,” he said.

The speaker said the Nyamira County Sports and Gender department played a key role in the tournament and asked them to do more for the benefit of the youth.

The department, represented by the Chief Officer, Mercy Motanya, donated uniforms to the participating teams.

She promised county support for grassroots sporting activities as they plan to fund more events in the future in collaboration with other stakeholders.

“As a department, we have come to join you in celebrating local talents in our county,” she added. “I love the youth and have always been working with them.”

Mercy, who had previously served in the Department of Education, embraced the Sports department, saying it has given her the opportunity to see how the youth showcase their talents.

“I can see the youths are really working hard to develop their talents,” she confirmed. “It is unfortunate that the field (Rigoma Green Stadium) is letting them down, but we have spoken with the Rigoma Ward MCA about it.”

Kitutu Masaba Constituency aspirant, Clive Ogwora, who was at the event, said they will partner with the Federation of Kenya Football (FKF) to ensure football is developed in our county.

“We are here to support Speaker Enock Okero in his football initiatives because we love sports. He said. “We will also see which sports we can initiate in the county to attract more participants and increase and diversify opportunities for our youth.”

He urged the county government to complete Manga stadium so that it can be used in such tournaments.

Area MCA, Nyambega Gisesa, promised to improve sporting fields in the ward in the financial year while welcoming Clive Ogwora’s support in sports, saying it will go a long way in developing talent at the grassroots.

Rigoma Ward MCA, Nyambega Gisesa, welcoming the Speaker and Clive Ogwora at Rigoma Green Stadium. Photo/Arnold Ageta

On Manga stadium, Nyambega said the governor has promised to complete the stadium so that it can be ready by January to host Shabana FC matches.

“Governor has promised me that we construct the inner perimeter and once it is done, Shabana games will be hosted there,” he announced.

He thanked the speaker for his continued support to Rigoma football clubs because this tournament is the second one after last year’s tournament where Rigoma United played with Gusii Media FC during World Press Freedom Day celebrations in Rigoma last year.

The County Assembly Chair of the Committee on Sports and Gender who attended the tournament appreciated the Speaker’s efforts in promoting football in the county.

He said much will be achieved if all leaders unite and partner in such events that boost youth talent development.

“Through sports, Nyamira County represented the Nyanza region in the Talanta Hela tournament and out of that, we have our four boys going to play in the national teams,” Mating’a said.

Embaru player (green) tackles Legends Fc (Orange) player during their match where their drew in the normal play time. Photo/Arnold Ageta

In the Okero tournament, Embaru FC emerged as the winner after beating Legends FC 3-2 in a penalty shootout. Embaru goalkeeper saved 2 penalties, making them the winners of the tournament after the normal play time ended in a 2-2 draw.

Earlier, Nyankoba FC beat Soldier Boys FC to earn a third place in the tournament. The four finalist teams were also awarded cash.

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