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Governor Nyaribo awards 66 million in bursaries to Nyamira students

The governor promised that going forward, he will increase the scholarship fund as they plan to phase out bursaries. He further announced that the county’s priorities will shift to vocational training and ECDE, where they…Read More

Kenya Marks TVET centenary as Nyamira Principals rally for technical education

As Kenya marks 100 years of Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET), celebrations are ongoing across the country as the 100 Torch and Flame caravan passes through institutions. In Nyamira county, the…Read More

Nyamira County Painted Yellow as Schools Converge for Drama Extravaganza

The festivals, which are being held for the first time in the county, draw participating schools from Siaya, Homabay, Kisumu, Migori, Kisii, and the host Nyamira County. Themed “Unlocking Opportunities for Socio-Eco…Read More

Matwere’s plan ensures fair bursary distribution

To help people avoid traveling far and prevent residents from other wards from picking up the application forms, I decided to use polling centers that are near the residents’ homes. To receive the forms, parents and gua…Read More

Frustrated residents of Mathare take the government to court over the lack of schools

Most of the families are working for a dollar a day with their wages only affording one meal a day. To ask such a family to fund private education would be very strenuous. Most children living in Ngei and Mabatini ha…Read More

West Mugirango MP vows support until graduation for bursary recipients

I pledge to support my schools like never before to help our students pass in their examinations. Because my schools are the best in Kenya, that is why I am vouching for the university in Nyamira county to be in West Mug…Read More

JSS textbooks that were dumped in Kaptagat forest finally arrive in Nyamira

We are happy to report that we have received 540 cartons of Junior Secondary Schools textbooks that were destined for our County but found their way elsewhere. This implies that students in junior secondary throughou…Read More

Navigating Knowledge Acquisition in a Changing World

While psychologists acknowledge the benefits of memorization in certain scenarios, its effectiveness and appropriateness depend on factors such as age, subject matter, and educational approach. Unfortunate…Read More

TSC worried over teachers’ failure to apply for promotions

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has extended the period for teachers to apply for promotions. The deadline to apply for promotions was on June 9 but was extended to June 15 after two previous attempts given…Read More

New House Allowance Rates for TSC Teachers

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has released new house allowance rates for teachers. All teachers employed by the TSC earn a mandatory house allowance which helps them live in decent houses…Read More

Latest updates on KUCCPS placement

Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) has now opened the portal for college choice revisions. Students who wish to apply for placements or revise their university and college choices have…Read More

TSC urgent advice to their staff

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued a circular ordering all of its workers to file their individual income tax reeturns 2022  latest June 30, 2023.  This is in accordance with the Income Tax Act…Read More

Madaraka Day Excerpt on Education:  Inclusive, Equitable, Quality Education: CBC, Higher Education

The imperative of Madaraka mandates us to build a strong democratic prosperous nation through the successful pursuit of high productivity and competitiveness, industrialisation and technological innovation…Read More

TSC defends teacher recruitment and distribution

Kenya’s Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has explained the process they followed to employ the 36,000 teachers who were deployed countrywide both in secondary and primary schools…Read More