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Tidal Wave News is an online multimedia publication founded in November 2022 and launched in January 2023. Our purpose is to document the triumphs and challenges faced by rural communities in Kenya, focusing on climate change, education, health, and agriculture.

Our goal is to showcase the impact of climate change on agriculture and health. Through our features, we aim to provide solutions and recommendations to help rural populations address the issues affecting their income-generating farming activities, presenting an accurate portrayal of climate change and health.
Collaborating with relevant stakeholders, we strive to deliver balanced and expert information, aiming to inspire healthier and well-informed communities in the realms of climate change, health and agriculture.
To foster healthier and knowledgeable communities by providing access to expert information on climate change, health, education, and agriculture.
We are dedicated to promoting positive discussions concerning climate change, health, education, and agriculture.

1. Accountability
2. Selflessness
3. Objectivity
4. Teamwork
5. Professionalism

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