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Farmers of Gianchore Tea Factory reject former directors in the upcoming elections

Farmers of Gianchore Tea Factory have rejected former directors who were disqualified from running for positions following the enactment of the Tea Act, 2020. Reports indicate that these directors are now scheming…Listen Here

The Voice of the Silent Athlete Hero from Nyamira

Charles Asati is most renowned for his achievements in relay races, representing Kenya on the international stage. He was a member of the Kenyan 4×400 meters relay team that achieved a historic victory at the 1972…Read More

Tomato farming in Nyamira: challenges and opportunities

Tomato farming in Kenya faced a mix of challenges and opportunities. Here’s a snapshot of the status, challenges, and opportunities for tomato farming in Kenya…Listen Here

World Peace Day 2023: Actions for peace: Our ambition for the Global Goals

The SDGs aim to bring us closer to having more peaceful, just, and inclusive societies, free from fear and violence. But without the buy-in and contribution of a wide range of actors including the 1.2 billion young people…Listen Here

Nyamira Count Commissioner warns chiefs

Nyamira County Commissioner, Onesmus Kyatha, has warned administrative chiefs who condone local brew in their ares of jurisdiction. He told them to take actions against…Listen Here

Worrying cases of sexual gender based violence in Nyamira County

Jackline Nyamusi Ondieki, Public Health Promotion Coordinator Nyamira County raises concern on the sexual gender based violence cases in Nyamira County after a three month old baby was defiled by the father. Listen here

Risamora: Momura One Rema Yaa – Emeino Part III

This is the third part of Emeino (poem presented as Kisii spoken word) as presented by Arnold Ageta. The poem was written by Denis Osano…Listen here

Nyamira MCAs warn Ruto over Matiang’i home raid

Nyamira MCAs have condemned the intimidation of former CS Fred Matiang’i. They have warned some Kisii leaders who are celebrating the raid of the former CS…Listen here

Residents of Nyamira County have condemned the arrest of former CS Matiang’i.

Angry residents of Nyamira County have condemned the arrest of former CS Matiang’i. They have termed greedy leaders of Kisii who are celebrating the arrest of Matiang’i evil…Listen here

Esabari Gochia Nyaguta Part II – Arnold Ageta

This is the second part of the journey back to Nyaguta, where Adventism originated in Gusii land and how camp meetings were conducted back then…Listen here

Risamora na Arnold Ageta – Emeino Part II: Gusii ya kare

This is a Kisii spoken word about marriage arrangements among the Kisii people. Lyrics by Denis Osano and recited by Arnold Ageta…Listen here

Esabari Gochi Nyaguta Part I

This is a radio documentary about the origin of Adventist Camp Meetings. The documentary traces the camp meetings back to Nyaguta which is believed to be the origin of Adventism in Gusii land…Listen here

Risamora na Arnold AgetaEmeino Part I: Orwambo Rwagure Gusii

Orwambo Rwagure Gusii is a Kisii Spoken Word by Arnold Ageta. The lyrics are written by Denis Osano. The poetry talks about the calamities of the Kisii people and how they can be curbed…Listen here

International Day of Education (Rituko Riechisemi) – 2023 –Vincent Monda

This is  special podcast for International Day of Education, January 24, 2023 under the theme “To invest in people, prioritize education…Listen here

Oboremi Bwebitunguo – Vincent Monda

Do you know how to do onion farming? Join Vincent Monda on this latest podcast on onion farming in Kisii County…Listen here

Obotugi Bwe Chingoko – Vincent Monda

Listen how youths are engaged in chicken rearing in Nyamira County…Listen here

Oboremi oboke oboke – Vincent Monda

Small scale farming is one of the many agribusiness activities in Kisii County…Listen here

Abaremi gotiga gosimeka chibando – Arnold Ageta

Many farmers in Nyamira County are moving into vegetable farming as opposed to maize farming Why?…Listen here


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