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Study exposes alarming rates of obstetric violence in Kenyan hospitals

I thought hospitals are safe delivery facilities but what women undergo in those maternity wards are traumatizing and torturing. Why would women suffer in the hands of their fellow women during the delivery process…Read More

Dr. Mogoi takes charge of Nyamira’s health sector

I will seek to focus keenly on prevention as opposed to treatment because prevention is better than cure. I will closely work with the community health promoters to ensure home-based health care is improved. I will again…Read More

More than medicine: Clive Foundation’s medical camp focuses on long-term wellness

I couldn’t raise the amount they asked for the glasses. With the current financial crisis I am in, I cannot afford them. But I am happy today that I have been examined and promised glasses. I am so happy. I came here beca…Read More

Incorporating Noncommunicable Disease Care in Humanitarian Response: A Vital Step to Saving Lives

The needs are enormous, but the resources are not. We must find ways to better integrate NCD care in emergency response, to protect more lives from these avoidable tragedies and improve health security. Refugees oft…Read More

Kenya hosts Maternal Health Summit to brainstorm global solutions

Group Antenatal Care (G-ANC) is a technique of providing antenatal and prenatal care to women with pregnancies of the same age so they can learn, share, and experience pregnancy together. A group could have betwee…Read More

Ending triple threats campaign gains traction in Nyamira

We offer the youth free HIV self-test kits that enable them to test themselves where they feel comfortable to do it. We also give them free condoms and free testing of cervical cancer and other reproductive health services…Read More

Governor Nyaribo flags off drugs, pledges commitment to healthcare excellence

Our responsibility extends to ensuring that the drugs reach the intended beneficiaries promptly and efficiently. The county government is committed to ensuring that area residents receive adequate health services, as pl…Read More

Nyamira Deputy Governor spearheads net distribution exercise

Malaria is a significant burden not only in Nyamira but also in Kenya and the rest of Africa, especially affecting pregnant women and children. Esianyi and some parts of Nyamaiya, which border Homabay County…Read More

Rising Above Adversity: Erastus’ Triumph Over Stigma and Family Rejection

Things became even more worse when it came to his father dividing property among his siblings. His father did not did not give Erastus any land because of his HIV status. After many tussles with his father, Erastus was…Read More

Rays of hope for teen mothers in Bomet

One morning I had a normal short call urge and some stomach upsets. I went to the toilet, and I was shocked to have a baby come out and I was afraid to even leave the toilet. ‘‘She ran to get my mother who had gone to the…Read More

Continuous hope for cleft lip patients in East Africa  

Unable to breastfeed, they had to tube-feed their daughter with baby formula, a move that delayed her full treatment even further since the doctors required baby Wendo to weigh at least 8 kilograms to undergo the surger…Read More

How One Nigerian Village Head Fought to Educate Against Diphtheria

When Jubrin was diagnosed with diptheria, he was immediately transferred from the health facility near their home in Alharini settlement, in Kano State, Nigeria, to a specialist hospital after he suddenly developed a high…Read More

Nairobi, New York, and Osaka Join Forces for Global Health: Partnership for Healthy Cities Expands

Working with Bloomberg Philanthropies will greatly contribute to better collaboration with state and non-state actors to reduce the rising burden and incidence of NCDs and improve the quality of care for those who…Read More

Nigeria’s Battle Against Cervical Cancer Begins

In Nigeria, cervical cancer is the third most common cancer and the second most frequent cause of cancer deaths among women aged between 15 and 44 years.  In 2020 the country recorded 12 000 new cases and…Read More

Breaking the Silence: Menopause Matters, and Here’s Why

It is not possible to predict when an individual woman will experience menopause, although there are associations between the age at menopause and certain demographic, health, and genetic factors. For most women…Read More

Empowering Africa’s Healthcare with AI-Driven Digital Innovations

AI has the potential to revolutionise global and digital health in Africa. By investing in AI-led innovations, SFA Foundation is empowering Africa’s researchers and innovators to lead the way in addressing the health…Read More

Kenya’s Health Ministry and Nguvu Change Leaders Unite for Better Healthcare

Our commitment to patient rights and safety goes beyond mere words. We have taken concrete actions to prioritize patient engagement in policy development, governance structures, safety protocols, and their individual…Read More

Drone technology saving lives in rural areas

In Chepng’ombe village, a vibrant assembly of villagers, school children, health officials and guests has congregated to witness a momentous occasion-the inaugural drone delivery of vital medicines to the local health cen…Read More

Period poverty keeps girls out of school

Many girls in Africa miss school during their menstrual period because they cannot afford sanitary towels. A recent study by the World Bank reports that, on average, girls miss school four days every four weeks…Read More

Nyamira lauded for efforts to curb malaria cases

Innovation and prevention took centre stage in the fight against malaria during this year’s world malaria day commemoration held at Ekerenyo, in Nyamira County. World Health Organization (WHO) pledged…Read More

Nyamira County to host world malaria day as malaria cases decline significantly

Nyamira County has made significant efforts in the fight against malaria leading to the decline of malaria cases in the county. The county boasts as one of the best counties in Kenya…Read More

Nyamira Governor launches state of the art accident and emergency ward in Nyamira

Nyamira Governor, Amos Nyaribo has launched a state of the art accident and emergency ward at the Nyamira Referral Hospital to handle emergency medical cases….Read More

Mutata Tipin: Pulling through horrific trauma of FGM in West Pokot

‘I bled for eight hours until I fainted and was unable to see. Instead of taking me to the hospital, they took me to the bush. They then went to get a medical practitioner to come and examine me in the bush because of fear…Read More

Herbalists thrilled with the news of a proposed bill that seeks to recognize their work

The conventional doctors and pharmacists deem as unschooled who can’t treat. But the fact is we do treat many diseases. There are so many people who use herbs and they get healed…Read More

Premarital Sex

Before they are legally married, each of them then knows what their partner likes or what their partner can handle sexually…Read More

Breaking the silence around infertility in women and men

Dealing with relatives who do not understand the struggle and friends who think I am not trying hard enough to get a baby…Read More