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Dr. Donald Mogi taking oath off office
Dr. Donald Mogoi taking oath of office as he joins Nyamira County as the CECM for Health from Laikipia County where he served as the Director of Medical Services. Looking on is Governor Nyaribo (seated). Photo/Arnold Ageta


By Arnold Ageta

The newly appointed Nyamira County CECM for Health, Dr. Donald Mogoi, was sworn into office this morning as he replaces former CECM Dr. Timothy Ombati, who was axed late last year.

Dr. Mogoi, who until his appointment was the Director of Medical Services in Laikipia County, has promised to diligently work and serve the people of Nyamira.

“I will seek to focus keenly on prevention as opposed to treatment because prevention is better than cure,” he committed. “I will closely work with the community health promoters to ensure home-based health care is improved.”

He cited this as the only way to reduce the burden of congestion at the county’s referral hospital, which of late has seen a rising number of patients.

“I will again emphasize improving health facilities spread across the county so that patient needs are met at the grassroots level instead of being referred to Nyamira County Hospital,” he promised.

He promised to be a team leader who will lead the health staff in the county to offer the best health services and ensure the health of the residents is given priority.

Dr. Mogoi, in his speech to the attendees, called for the governor’s support and guidance to make the health department shine in the county for the benefit of the public.

“This is a new role to me, but I will learn much from fellow CECMs, and I will always utilize the advice that you give as we endeavor to make the department the best,” he promised the governor.

The governor gave him a warm welcome as he thanked the county government of Laikipia for releasing him to serve the people of Nyamira County.

“We have been looking for Dr. Mogoi for a long time, but now we have received him,” he said. “This marks the beginning of reforming the health sector.”

He added that after the exit of the former Health CECM, the county has taken time to scout until they arrived in Laikipia, where they found Dr. Mogoi.

“We have done a lot of due diligence and found out that he has served in various capacities, including being the director of health, chief officer, and possesses enough experience to drive the health sector in Nyamira forward,” the governor announced.

Dr. Donald Mogoi, Nyamira County Health CECM
Dr. Donald Mogoi, the newly appointed Nyamira County Health CECM addressing the media after his swearing in at the Nyamira County Headquarters. Photo/Arnold Ageta

The governor promised him all the support he requires, besides giving him a free hand and consultation in his service to the county, saying the health sector is the weakest point of any governance due to poverty.

“We believe with him coming in will give us a boost to do more than what we have been doing,” said Nyaribo. “With Dr. Mogoi’s experience, I have confidence that we are going to make good steps ahead.”

The governor congratulated him and wished him the best in his new assignment, assuring him of the department’s support.

Laikipia County CECM, Albert Taiti, congratulated Dr. Mogoi and thanked Governor Nyaribo for identifying one of them to lead the health department in Nyamira.

“I can assure you have received a hands-on person who is committed to health service delivery,” he said. “For us in Laikipia, as much as we have given him to you with open hands, we feel that he has left a gap.”

He brought people into laughter when he said that they have released Dr. Mogoi for three years and asked Governor Nyaribo to release him back to Laikipia upon the expiry of his contract.

“We have a lot of work for him, but I promise you that even here in Nyamira you have received a very strong person,” he said. “Together with his team, he led the realization of primary health care networks across the county.”

Dr. Mogoi was accompanied by former Laikipia County Governor Ndiritu Muriithi and other senior county officials.

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