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The late Isaac Ochola, whom Dr. Ombati terms as the best friend who stood by him when others would not. Photo/Dr. Ombati/Facebook.

By Arnold Ageta

Former Nyamira County CECM for Health, Dr. Ombati Mokua, has mourned his longtime friend, Isaac Ochola, who was found dead in Kampala University hostel on May 11.

Dr. Ombati, on his Facebook page, said that he has been overwhelmed emotionally as the burial draws near.

“Today, I am here with a heavy heart to say goodbye to a dear friend, a companion who filled lives with joy, laughter, and love,” his Facebook post read. “The depth of my sorrow reflects the depth of my love for you, a friend who seemed not to be there, yet was always present.”

Dr. Ombati’s friendship with the late Isaac Ochola dates back to Kamagambo Adventist College Complex and later at Kampala International University.

Ochola joined Kamagambo when Dr. Ombati was in Form 4, and he happened to be in the same class as Ombati’s sister. At that time, they were not very close, but according to Ombati, he was a jovial person who later became the head boy of the school.

They later met at Kampala International University and quickly rejuvenated their friendship, starting a singing group called The Cleansed Gents Acapella.

The Cleansed Gents Acapella on stage during their days at Kampala International University. Photo/Dr. Ombati/Facebook.

“The singing group kept us together and defined who we were on campus. He was the de facto chairman, while I was the trainer of the group. We often disagreed on various issues, but we remained brothers through and through,” Ombati revealed.

Ombati narrates how Ochola one day told them that he was dropping out of medical school. With his colleague, Philip Nyabere, Dr. Ombati sat him down and advised him, and their advice bore fruit when he decided to continue with his studies.

He termed Ochola’s kindness and generosity as a cornerstone in his life, saying Ochola had a way of lighting up a room with his smile, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.

“Your unwavering support, whether in times of joy or hardship, was a constant reminder of what true friendship means,” said Ombati.

With a sad tone in his post, Dr. Ombati recalls how they used to play pool games and cards, which have now become precious memories that he will cling to.

“I will hold close to my heart and cherish the times we laughed until we cried, and the times we simply sat in comfortable silence, knowing we were never alone,” he recalls.

Ochola died when Dr. Ombati was planning a surprise visit later this year, regretting that he did not do it earlier until his surprise death.

The Cleansed Gents Acapella, the singing group that Ochola was a part of. Photo/Dr. Ombati/Facebook.

“Your departure leaves a void that can never be filled, but your spirit will continue to guide me,” mourned Ombati. “In my heart, you live on, a beacon of love and strength that will inspire me to live fully, as you did.”

In honor of his memory, Dr. Ombati promises to embody the kindness, courage, and joy the late Ochola brought to the world.

Dr. Ombati refers to Ochola as Jitu, a nickname that originated from his height. He was the tallest and big bodied among his friends, and this earned him that nickname.

In his Facebook tribute, Ombati says Ochola stood by him while he was running for Nyanza KMPDU chairman, even when those around him doubted Ombati’s chances.

Dr. Timothy Ombati Mokua
Dr. Timothy Ombati Mokua is mourning Isaac Ochola, a friend whose memory he says he will forever honor. Photo/Dr. Ombati/Facebook.

“Isaac believed in my thought process and leadership style, defending me against those who doubted my beliefs,” he wrote. “He remained a true friend who would call me and tell me the truth, whether I liked it or not.”

He termed him as the kind of friend with whom he could go long periods without calling, yet when they talked, it felt as if no time had passed.

Ombati recalls a time when The Cleansed Gents Acapella went camping but differed on some issues, and Ochola picked his tent and left the group behind.

“One thing that deeply touched me was when he invited me to be part of the team that would escort him to Kitui, where he had found the love of his life,” Ombati confessed. “It was a humbling experience.”

Dr. Ombati regrets not standing with him through all the bad times they had.

“He is gone now, and although I cannot be there to see him off, my wife’s presence is testament enough that I am there in spirit,” he concluded.

Ochola will be burried at Otel village  in Kasipul Kabondo, Oyugis in Homabay County on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

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