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A security guard in Nairobi is seeking justice after electrocution by exposed naked wires from Kenya Power which led to the amputation of his arm.

The incident that occurred in January 18, 2024 has paralyzed his ability to fend for his family after Kenya Power declined to support or compensate him.

Nelson Wamboka Mangala, the victim, who also doubled as cleaner at Bell Size Court apartments in Ruaka, was doing his chores before being electrocuted.

“Before my injury, I had been employed as a security guard and a general cleaner at the premises,” his affidavit read. “On the morning of the day I was injured, I got to work in the morning and proceeded to the apartment houses on the premises to clean, as was my routine in the apartment.”

As he was cleaning, Nelson, felt a huge surge through his body and immediately lost all consciousness. “I woke up at a hospital surrounded by my brother and doctors who looked very somber and concerned,” he recounted.

In the hospital bed, he noticed that he was in considerable pain and he could not move freely because of the bandages that covered his body. At first, he says, “I started asking questions of where I was and that is when I was informed of my injuries.”

Nelson confirmed the court that on one of the apartments, the electric cables and wires of the defendant were hanging extremely low on the balcony. “The hospital had to amputate my arm and begin the rehabilitation process to treat my injuries,” he said.

The affidavit, dated June 3, 2024, states that Nelson has been undergoing treatment ever since his injuries.

In a case filed at the Chief Magistrate’s Court, Nairobi through Elkana Mogaka and Associates Advocates, Nelson seeks compensation for his medical expenses totaling to Ksh. 355, 872.00.

In the suit, the plaintiff’s (Nelson Wamboka Mangala) injuries were so aggravated and severe, that he was immediately referred to the Kenyatta National Hospital where he was admitted.

Nelson was escharectomy, fashiotomy, debridement, daily change of dressing and surgery to effect amputation of his right, mid forearm.

The plaintiff accuses Kenya power of poor cable management, faulty wiring of cables and endangering the lives of people with faulty electrical cables.

He further says Kenya Power failed to warn users of dangerous equipment lying nearby and failure to warn users of live electrical cables nearby and it failed to repair live and faulty cables leading to grievous injuries to citizens.

“The plaintiff contends that despite issuing a demand to the defendant, the defendant failed to make good the claim,” read the suit.

The plaintiff prays for judgment against the defendant (Kenya Power) for special damages amounting to Ksh. 355, 872.00 and general damages for pain and suffering.

“Loss of future earnings, future medical expenses, cost of the suit, interest and any other relief that the honorable court may deem fit and just in the circumstances,” read the suit.

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