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Following a souring of their 11-year marriage, a woman has filed for divorce in a Mombasa court. Joyce Mueni George and Sverre Ingvar Asmervik married in 2013, as per the petition. Since then, they have cohabited as husband and wife, acquiring wealth together.

“The Respondent (Sverre Asmervik) has sold and transferred the matrimonial properties of the marriage without any consultation or obtaining any spousal consent from the Petitioner (Joyce Mueni),” reads the petition.

Furthermore, the petition states that the respondent has habitually disrespected the petitioner, occasionally treating her with contempt.

“The respondent has constantly abandoned and/or neglected her marital duties as a spouse to the Petitioner, usually as a result of his insatiable thirst for alcohol, promiscuity, and adulterous sexual relationships with outside parties,” the petition adds.

Joyce Mueni clearly states in the petition that, due to the foregoing issues, irreconcilable differences exist between them, and meaningful communication has broken down entirely.

She adds that a land case has already been filed in Mombasa Environment and Land Court concerning the transfer and sale of matrimonial properties without her spousal consent.

Therefore, Ms. Mueni asserts: “the marriage between them has irretrievably broken down for the reasons set out herein above.”

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In a sworn affidavit before Elkana Mogaka and Associates Advocates, Ms. Mueni claims that she stands to lose the fruits of their marriage and suffer irreparable loss and harm if the orders she is seeking are not granted. She sought orders to treat the suit as urgent.

On Tuesday, Joyce Mueni George filed a Matrimonial Case in the High Court Mombasa, asking the Ministry of Immigration to stop Sverre Ingvar Asmervik from traveling out of the country.

Ms. Mueni has further asked the court to freeze all his known assets and finances. The Court found this matter urgent and gave the Husband, Sverre, the respondent, three days to respond to the case.

She had sued him in December 2023 for transferring properties worth over 60 million shillings to other third parties without her consent. The Court heard the matter and advised Sverre to come to an agreement with Joyce before the ruling is made.

On Monday, after realizing Sverre was stalling the matter to buy time to close his businesses and transfer cash before fleeing the country, Ms. Mueni filed a divorce matter seeking to freeze all his accounts and assets in the country. The accounts and assets amount to more than 100 million shillings.

This is a second case filed against him in the divorce Court in Mombasa. The court certified the matter as urgent and set inter-partes hearing before March 7th, 2024, before Honorable Gatheru.

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