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Nyamira County CEC for Trade Benard Maina addressing the public at a past event. He has said that Makairo market will be facelifted to help the market grow. Photo/County Government of Nyamira


By Arnold Ageta

There was joy at Makairo Market when the livestock market was officially launched today by the Nyamira County CEC Trade, Benard Maina.

During the launch, Mr. Maina declared the market open for livestock buying and selling, stating that the livestock market is the third one in the area after Kebirigo and Ting’a markets.

“Makairo livestock market will now give opportunity to farmers to sell their livestock instead of traveling for 10 kilometers to sell their livestock in Kebirigo and Ting’a,” he said.

The livestock market was opened after the Market Committee requested the county to consider Makairo market for the same.

The initial Makairo livestock market collapsed many years ago due to the absence of livestock to sell and the preference of Kebirigo and Ting’a markets.

Addressing people during the launch, Mr. Maina said the launch has been made possible with the help of the area MCA, George Morara.

“We have had lengthy consultations with your MCA and after some research, we settled on Friday as the market day for Makairo,” he announced.

He said the Market Committee had also proposed Friday as their market day after the survey they conducted.

Makairo market becomes the first livestock market in Bogichora ward, and it is believed that it will overtake Ting’a and Kebirirgo markets considering its central location.

The market will also host a county veterinary officer who will be offering veterinary services and movement permits to the livestock traders in the area.

“Every Friday, the veterinary officer will be here to assess the health of the livestock that are on sale both for keeping and slaughter to ensure the safety of animals and human beings,” said Maina.

The CEC Member also promised to build a market shed for the horticulture market and open up market streets to ease movement in the market.

He emphasized the County’s commitment to creating a conducive environment where people can conduct their businesses.

“I now ask you to work closely with the market Committee to ensure that the market serves you well and for the intended purpose,” he concluded.

At the event, the area MCA George Morara applauded the Department of Trade for the establishment of the livestock market and asked them to consider building a shed and opening the back streets to expand the market and attract traders to the market.

The MCA acknowledged the Market Committee for the great idea they had to launch a livestock market in Makairo.

“This idea was brought to me by the Market Committee before elections, but I asked the Committee to hold it until after elections,” he said. “After elections, we immediately started working on the idea and today we are inaugurating the market.”

The MCA reiterated the need for the Department of Trade to build sheds in the market to help mama mboga from direct sunlight that does not only affect them but also damages their products.

The Market Committee chair, Patrick Omara, welcomed the livestock market, saying it will boost the business traffic in the market and grow.

“The market will increase money circulation, and our businesses will grow because livestock attracts many people from within and outside the ward,” he happily said.

He said they can now easily buy and sell their livestock without traveling long distances to other markets outside their ward.

“We will now assist our county in collecting taxes in the market so that many more development projects can also be established to help the common mwananchi earn a living,” he promised.

After the event, the department handed over a market toilet to the Market Committee. The modern toilet was constructed by the Department of Trade.

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