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By Arnold Ageta

Turkana county is one of the counties that are most affected by malnutrition of children. The county has decided to provide free food to children to improve their health.

Lodwar County Referral Hospital Medical Superintendent, Dr. Epem Esekon, confirms the rampant cases of malnutrition in the county saying of late there are many cases of malnutrition recorded.

Due to the effects of climate change in the world, Turkana has been hit most. The county has not received rain for three years now.

Turkana Governor, Jeremiah Lomorukai, says the drought has gone beyond the normal experience and needs urgent measures to curb the effects.

Dr. Epem Esekon confirms that most of the children who are brought to the hospital with malnutrition cases normally manifest severe health conditions.

Lack of rain has caused drought which consumes plants and animals making residents who are pastoralists to move from one place to another looking for water and food for their livestock.  This also affects the general health of the residents.

Early this year, because of the prolonged drought, Turkana Governor asked for aid from well-wishers to save lives.

The County has been advised to develop and implement water sustainability and management policies.

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