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Arnold Ageta (right) during his recent media workshop in Sweden. PHOTO/Charlie Debenham

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In January 2023, Arnold Ageta, a passionate multimedia environmental journalist, embarked on a journey that would transform the media landscape in Kenya.

With a vision to address the pressing issues of climate change, health, and agriculture, Ageta founded Tidal Wave News, a digital platform that would produce podcasts and feature stories focusing on these critical topics.

“I was driven by a deep concern for the escalating environmental challenges facing his country,” said Ageta during the interview.

Ageta recognized the urgent need for comprehensive reporting and storytelling to raise awareness and drive action.

Armed with years of experience in journalism and a strong network of like-minded professionals, he set out to create a platform that would bridge the gap between science, policy, and the general public.

Ageta says “from the onset I understood the power of podcasts in reaching a wide audience and engaging listeners with thought-provoking content.”

He believed that the intimate and conversational nature of podcasts would provide a platform for in-depth discussions and diverse perspectives on climate change, health, and agriculture.

With a dedicated team of producers and journalists, Ageta launched Tidal Wave News podcasts, featuring experts, scientists, activists, and community members who shared their experiences and insights on the interconnected challenges Kenya faced.

“Through these podcasts, my team and I aim to provide informative and accessible content that would empower listeners to make informed decisions and take action,”he said.

In parallel, Tidal Wave News began crafting feature stories that delved deep into the multifaceted aspects of climate change, health, and agriculture in Kenya.

Ageta’s team of talented writers and photographers embarked on fieldwork, traveling across the country to document the impact of changing weather patterns on communities, public health, and food security.

These feature stories showcased the resilience and innovative solutions employed by farmers, health practitioners, and local communities in the face of adversity.

They explored the challenges faced by marginalized groups and shed light on the urgent need for sustainable practices and policy changes.

Through their work, Ageta and his team aimed to inspire readers and ignite conversations around the intersection of climate change, health, and agriculture.

The launch of Tidal Wave News in January 2023 was met with enthusiasm from both the public and the professional community.

The platform has quickly gained recognition for its engaging podcasts and thought-provoking feature stories, capturing the attention of policymakers, NGOs, and individuals passionate about driving positive change.

As Tidal Wave News grows in popularity, Ageta’s commitment to accuracy, integrity, and impartiality remains unwavering.

“I have ensured that the platform adheres to the highest journalistic standards, fact-checking every story and seeking multiple perspectives to provide a comprehensive and balanced narrative,” he emphasized.

Beyond just reporting, Ageta aimed to create a community around Tidal Wave News, encouraging dialogue, collaboration, and grassroots initiatives.

He actively engaged with listeners and readers, hosting forums, organizing events, and partnering with organizations working towards sustainable development in Kenya.

Arnold Ageta in one of the trainings by Development Through Media (DTM0 in Kisumu, 2021. PHOTO/Emmanuel Kipkorir

The impact of Tidal Wave News on climate change, health, and agriculture discourse in Kenya has been substantial.

The platform has played a pivotal role in shaping public opinion, raising awareness, and driving policy changes.

Its podcasts and feature stories have influenced public conversations, mobilized support for vulnerable communities, and sparked innovative solutions.

Arnold Ageta’s vision and determination have propelled Tidal Wave News to the forefront of climate change journalism in Kenya.

“The platform has seen my team and I receive fellowships, reporting grants and partnerships from local and international organizations,” explained Ageta.

By harnessing the power of digital media, he has created a platform that amplifies voices, empowers communities, and inspires action.

He says, his thirst for climate change, health and farming content was sparked after receiving a training on ‘rural development.’

“Early 2022 I was among the 12 journalists who were trained on reporting rural issues by Development Through Media (DTM). This training opened wide my mind on issues that most media houses ignore,” he said.

Through Tidal Wave News, Ageta continues to pioneer change, highlighting the interconnected challenges of climate change, health, and agriculture, and inspiring a more sustainable and resilient future for Kenya.

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